This episode is jam packed with fun as Sterling takes Kortney on a journey down his stream of conscious with quick takes on building a new computer, various Lindt chocolate truffles, proper ways to eat muffins, and the deliciousness of brisket. Sterling also shares thoughts on what has inspired him over the past week. Also in this episode, Sterling's Oscar predictions, a substitute teacher who was serious about coloring in the lines and creepy people who may mean well, but come off as being extra creepy. Keep keeping on everyone!

Cold open by Shirley Chisholm

Song in this episode "When The Sky Breaks" by Corrine Bailey Rae


Much is discussed in this packed episode including how Sterling spent his 31st birthday which leads to a Doctor Who tangent and 10th Doctor theory that must be investigated. Sterling later introduces a theory on podcasting which may forever change the way you listen to podcasts. Kortney reviews the film "Split" and teases a future episode on the polarizing storyteller. And later, Sterling explains his new philosophy: mehism and theomehism. 

This episode's Black History Facts subjects are Katherine Johnson and Thomas L Jennings.

As part of The Resistance, Sterling is curating a Spotify playlist. Find it here: bit.ly/IDB_Resist


Apologies for all the audio issues in this episode, lots of fun things began happening to the equipment but the show went on, albeit delayed. Sterling and Kortney review the Hamilton Mixtape track by track to discuss the highs and low (but mostly highs) of this brilliant companion piece to the original Broadway music. Leslie Jones brings the Black History Fact by way of a recent (1/21/17) SNL editorial and Sterling's coworker brings a question to #IndoobiansAsk which reminds us all of who isn't considered a "real man" in our society. 

Also, the host survived another trip around the sun! Woot!

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episode 42 - slap a shark


Sterling welcomes in the new year with new hopes, aspirations, affirmations and a quick look back on The Year That Was. Sterling also gives brief reviews of last year's underrated films "Magnificent Seven", "10 Cloverfield Lane", "Arrival", and "Midnight Special." Also, don't forget to tweet or email (tsterling3sfx@gmail.com) your questions with #IndoobiansAsk to get your question answered on the show! 


We can agree that 2016 may have been a rough year for us all. But for all those low points we endured, there has been some equally high points as well. Sterling, Kortney and Stephanie take a look at a few of the greater, happier moments in the past year of Black Excellence from the world's stage to personal achievements and a good chunk of everything in between. Instead of a regular yearly rundown, we choose to celebrate only the positive moments, movements and memories of 2016.

Editors note: There were quite a few people we forgot to acknowledge that had an impact on us all personally, but we want to give a huge shout out to BGN creator Jamie Broadnax! Please check out and support Universal Fan Con on Kickstarter!

Music in this episode: "Melanin Man" by Brasstracks feat Masego


Sterling and Kortney try not to be evil and share some good news out in the world including meditation for kids in public schools and trendy eyewear for young children. Take a look into Jonas Paul Eyewear, won't you? DJ Joe Daddy stops by with a new holiday classic. Have you heard of Doris Payne and what she's been up to lately? And our hosts answer questions from listeners about curtainless windows and what happens to caskets after the funeral of those who donate their bodies to science. Also, please support POC podcasts! #SupportPOCPods

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Read the Doris Payne article here

Music in this episode: "Hamildolph" by Eclipse 6 Watch it here!


Alternate world and parallel universes as Kortney and Sterling traverse into the multiverses with possibly to crazy to be true stories about folks that really aren't from around here. Join in as they ask the important questions... like how does one even get back home? We wish Neil deGrasse Tyson were here to join us as we get to the bottom of a bottomless quest back to Earth Prime.

Links we referred to in this episode: Is There Another You?

9 Strange Stories That Might Make You Believe in Parallel Universes


Sterling and Kortney take a strange and fantastic plunge into the world of new Marvel blockbuster Doctor Strange. But before the spoiler-laden review, they discuss Hamilton's continued success and what's next. And what's next for Netflix? Could Disney buy them out? Would that be a good thing? And what is Chewing Gum about and how does that connect to another Netflix hit, Black Mirror? Also, Kortney gives a spoiler-free review of the other movie you should check out while still in theaters.


Sterling has a stream of conscious regarding things that are bothering him, and maybe some things that should but don't. "Email" is now a bad word. Sterling also talks about scary movies he will never watch again, and a few he has no intention seeing whatsoever. Lastly, a thorough shout out of podcasts he enjoys and supports, and you should too! 


Stephanie from the Lemonade Show returns to dig into Netflix's latest hit Luke Cage in all it's spoilery details (you've been warned) with Sterling and Kortney. Before that, the trio chats about Nate Parker and "Birth of a Nation", Halle Berry, pumpkin spice, and a few surprise announcements from Sterling.

To hear the amazing +8 hour Luke Cage Spotify soundtrack, here's the link: https://play.spotify.com/user/g0u1d1e1/playlist/6CdBcKJ5vXXkWJfmC45kqB

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