episode 14 - spoilers

SPOILER ALERT: This episode features return guest co-host Moxie Queen Supreme and Crown Gem of Little Rock--Kortney Hinton, founder of Verve House Collective and proud, flag waving fellow blerd. Okay, that's not the spoiler, but we dive into a bunch of TV shows and movies in great detail. So to save you from being spoiled if you haven't watched, please check the time codes below so you can skip past parts of our chat if you haven't watched it yet and plan to. Later, The Matrix (and to a larger extent) the concept of technological singularity (and the films that deal with it) is examined.

04:30-11:40 Jessica Jones
11:40-19:15 The Walking Dead
19:15-37:10 Mr. Robot
37:10-49:00 Interstellar
49:00-52:00 Mockingjay Part 2
52:00-57:30 Creed
Visit Kortney at vervehousecollective.com
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